The business


Self-sustaining freedom that facilitates the development of individuals and companies by building cycles of continuous evolution.


Create the conditions to support development cycles, generating results for the companies served and for the communities in which it operates.


Community: Participation to the greatest possible extent.
Satisfaction with what you do.
Transpiring the business.

Main contributions of the consultancy

Create instruments and tools that facilitate the construction of new development cycles. How?


Facilitating planning from the status quo / goals sought, by the participation of all involved in the dynamics of the company: partners, managers, teams, partners, suppliers, customers.


Facilitating the implementation and building new realities on the competencies and experiences according to the defined planning or model.


What sustains the business, creating the base of the future, surpassing the quantitative and qualitative results, assuring the delivery of value as a market differential.


Here are some of the businesses already assisted by RVR. They are examples of success in which the relationship with the client, strengthened by the connection created from a service of quality, made RVR place itself as a consulting of excellence in its labor range.
Visit the site of the businesses by clicking on their brands and get to know their projects.

  • Business Plan and Start-up Management Model in Spain
  • Business Plan and Management Model Copa e Olimpiadas
  • People Management Model (President -> 1st level of supervision)
  • Enhancement of the Franchise Expansion Template
  • Expansion Strategy
  • Management model via BI panels. 400 employees directly and more than 10,000 indirectly
  • Business plan for investor input study
  • Strategic Planning 2014 - 2018 and Implementation
  • Strategic Planning 2018-2022

See also below the many other companies in which RVR has already applied its methodology and generated growth cycles.


Services with Technology

Appi Spring Office Integra Titans Group
Fashion (wholesale / retail)

Trimix Studio 21 YKZ Everly Hi-Lo
Business on the web: producers, infrastructure, e-commerce

Maya Ananke
Real Estate Segment

Débora Aguiar Max Plural Prix Haut

Technoquip Wilvale Grupo RP

Óticas Carol Red Balloon Arranjos Express
Other segments

Salutar Pan Ramos e Silva Axa Marakuthai Águaboa ON Body Evolution Direito de Ouvir FirstData


Rogerio Vargas

Rogerio Vargas is responsible for RVR Consultoria.

Founder and Director of RVR Consultoria (+12 years of experience, +80 projects, +500 partners / managers and + 20k impacted / involved people), cases with large companies such as AXA, First Data, Capemisa Group (Salutar), PAN Group , Instituto Tecnologia Eldorado, Óticas Carol, Penalty and with more than 50 business projects (owned companies) in the fashion, franchise, real estate / construction, technology, health, services, education, among others.

Executive with over 20 years of experience in the financial market, Civil Engineer PUC RS, MBA Finance IBMEC SP, MBA e-Business FGV.


New Business Director Citibank 2003-2008 - responsible for developing and implementing the growth strategy.

Founder and Managing Partner of RVR Consultoria.

Some cases:

  • AXA - Operations and Network Management Model for Service Providers 2015/2016
  • First Data - Franchise Model Development and Implementation - 2019/2020
  • Grupo PAN - Network Management Model / Business Model 2014/2015
  • Instituto de Tecnologia Eldorado - Strategic Planning 2014/2018 and 2018/2022
  • Óticas Carol - Management Model 2010
  • Óticas Carol - 2012/2013 Expansion Model
  • Óticas Carol - Expansion Strategy 2015/2018
  • Penalty - Planning / Implementation Europe - Spain 2009/2010
  • Penalty - Planning / Implementation Cup / Olympics 2011/2012
  • Salutar / Capemisa - Strategic Planning and Management Model 2012/2013


RVR Business Consulting has a headquarter in São Paulo and takes calls and WhatsApp messages at the number 55 (11) 9 7474.2345.

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